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Cleaning your laboratory or clean room

Because of the complex nature of the activities of your laboratory or clean room, cleaning must be carried out by qualified staff who adhere strictly to your cleaning protocol. With Clean Power, you can be sure that your working environment will be clean and orderly.

Well-trained and highly skilled staff.

Personalised specifications.

Constant supervision and quality control.

Our Customer Happiness Managers

Get to know the people who supervise our teams on the ground, organise the cleaning work and monitor the quality of our service.

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Customer Happiness Manager
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Customer Happiness Manager
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Customer Happiness Manager

The right staff and the right equipment

Our professional and experienced staff are specially trained and provided with the appropriate equipment, clothing and products to provide comprehensive cleaning services which contribute to the efficient performance of your laboratory or clean room.

Ad hoc cleaning service

We always establish precise specifications which factor in the requirements and restrictions which are specific to your laboratory. Your designated Customer Happiness Manager constantly monitors our cleaning team to ensure compliance with these specifications.

Respect for people and the planet

We always comply with the standards in force and we use environmentally friendly techniques, equipment and products.

Man cleans in a laboratory.

Strict regulations for cleaning

Laboratories and clean rooms have specific hygiene standards; they must be strictly observed to ensure there is no interference with laboratory research and production activities.

Well-trained and experienced staff

Whatever the sector of your laboratory or clean room, areas which are not cleaned solely by laboratory technicians must be cleaned by dedicated staff who have been specifically trained and provided with suitable equipment, clothing and products. That’s why it’s vital to use a professional, experienced cleaning company you can trust. Clean Power’s staff will complete a training course on your laboratory’s environment, equipment and internal procedures.

Strict compliance with protocols

Every laboratory and clean room has its own requirements and restrictions when it comes to cleaning. Consequently, we produce specifications which take these into account and will be scrupulously followed by our team on the ground. Your Customer Happiness Manager, who is specifically assigned to you, is responsible for organising the cleaning work, which will always be carried out using suitable cleaning products and disinfectants, and constantly monitoring the quality of our service.

How do we clean your laboratory or your clean room?

The cleaning plan which we will prepare together will specify how often the different areas and elements of your laboratory or clean room are to be cleaned, along with any other adjoining rooms such as toilets, staff changing rooms, a waiting room for visitors, storage spaces and so on.

Comprehensive cleaning and disinfection, whether weekly, monthly or annually, can of course be included in your contract or carried out on request. Visit our page on one-off cleaning services.

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Given the specific nature of your sector, it’s critical that we have all the information we need to provide an accurate quote and detailed specifications. Please fill in our contact form so that we can get back to you with a tailor-made solution.

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