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Why choose us?

With our positive approach which is tailored to each and every situation, you can count on the unparalleled responsiveness of all our team members. Whatever your request or requirement, we’ll always come up with a solution which is perfectly suited to your needs. And of course, we’ll always respond as quickly as possible.

Our values

We firmly believe in the importance of respect for our customers, their staff and their own customers. We are uniquely attentive to our customers; this is vital to be able to respond quickly and meet your expectations for the ultimate customer satisfaction.

An ideal working environment

Our professional teams provide expert and quality services to ensure the health, comfort and well-being of those who work on or visit your premises. This is the perfect way to motivate your staff and strengthen your image with your customers.

The right tools for the job

From equipment to cleaning products, from work clothes to supervision tools, we choose the right tools for the specific needs of each of our businesses. We use digital supervision and communication tools which enable you to monitor the quality of the services you have paid for.

Compliance with the law

The building and building maintenance sectors are constantly changing; this can lead to difficulties and even prosecution for contractors. With our internal and external resources, we ensure day-to-day compliance with legislation for the sake of our customers, employees and partners.

Listening, understanding, acting

We listen carefully to you to ensure we understand your needs and expectations. And because we are (quite literally!) close to our customers, we can provide you with the right solution within a day.

Manager responsible for cleaning your business.

Unparalleled adaptability and responsiveness.

Constant supervision, unique customer support.

Strict compliance with standards and regulations.

Our commitments

While focusing on earning our customers’ trust over the last 30 years, we have established a way of working and developed professional tools which reflect our strong commitments to our customers:

Personalised service

The (very detailed) specifications we provide are always created specifically for you, based on your needs, your requirements, the particular features of your premises and the regulations in force in your company and your industry.

Constant supervision and coordination

We work with you to decide on the appropriate cleaning protocol. This is followed closely by our teams, who are well trained, well equipped and constantly supervised by your dedicated Customer Happiness Manager, your single point of contact who is responsible for all quality control. These quality control processes are facilitated by the use of the Progiclean reporting tool.

Outstanding customer support

In addition to these quality control processes, your Customer Happiness Manager remains in constant contact with the person who manages your premises, regularly reviewing your contract and tailoring the service(s) provided whenever necessary.

Environmentally responsible

By choosing products and processes which are as environmentally friendly as possible, we help to reduce your environmental footprint.

Cleaning professional uses a rag to clean a desk in a coworking space.
Staff member's jacket with the Clean Power logo.
Two Clean Power employees responsible for cleaning your company.
Enthusiastic Clean Power employees while organizing a cleaning in a meeting room.

A dedicated team with shared values

From surface technicians to Customer Happiness Managers and specialist coaches, all the members of our team share the same values and are committed to ensuring you are thoroughly satisfied every day.

Who are we?

Our bespoke services

Professional and industrial premises, windows, automotive services and one-off services: Clean Power does it all. All our team members share the same values and a unique corporate culture: we are fully committed to our customers, day in and day out. Our aim? 100% customer satisfaction, 100% of the time!


ISO 26000

Our commitment to social responsibility.

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ISO 14001

Certified environmental performance.

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