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Cleaning your shop or showroom

Focus on the success of your business by delegating the cleaning of your shop(s) or showroom(s) to our team of professionals. We do everything we can to meet your expectations when it comes to cleanliness, thereby reassuring your customers and inspiring their trust and long-term loyalty.

Tailored cleaning methods and professional staff.

Compliance with rules and standards.

Optimal customer experience.

Our Customer Happiness Managers

Get to know the people who supervise our teams on the ground, organise the cleaning work and monitor the quality of our service.

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Rules for every sector

Our cleaning procedures and methods are tailored to your line of business to ensure your shop(s), supermarket(s) or showroom(s) comply with current health and safety regulations.

The right products and the right people

We always use cleaning products and equipment which are specifically designed for the relevant surfaces. And we’ll assign the right team to clean your supermarket, chain store or showroom(s).

A pleasant environment

Every area of your premises, whether they’re accessible to your customers or are exclusively for your staff, is cleaned with the utmost care. This ensures a stimulating environment for both your customers and your employees.

Respect for people and the planet

Mindful of the health of your customers and your employees, we use environmentally friendly techniques, equipment and products which also protect our planet.

Manager indicates the right product to use for responsible cleaning in a store.

Choose cleaning professionals

Only a company with the experience, expertise, skilled staff and suitable equipment can guarantee that your shop(s) or showroom(s) will be cleaned thoroughly, safely and professionally. Why? Let’s take a closer look.

Different cleaning methods

Health and safety rules vary from sector to sector. The same applies to the cleaning processes and methods used for commercial premises: a clothes shop isn’t cleaned in the same way as a hairdressing salon, a patisserie or a delicatessen. Similarly, showrooms, supermarkets and chain stores require different (and often more extensive) teams and resources than a single shop.

By outsourcing the cleaning of your shop to Clean Power, you can be sure that the cleaning process will comply with the specific regulations for your type of shop (such as FASFC regulations for food shops, for instance); what’s more, we will also assign the right number of cleaning professionals to clean your commercial premises.

Your shop is in good hands

This hygiene-compliant cleaning guarantees the safety of your staff and customers, but you can also be confident that your shop’s fittings and fixtures, accessories, equipment, floors and walls will also be thoroughly cleaned, along with any items or products on display in your showroom, for instance. We choose cleaning products and equipment which are specifically designed for the relevant surfaces to ensure their protection.

An optimal experience for your customers and staff

Satisfied customers ensure a successful business. With a crystal-clear window display to showcase your products, perfectly dusted and cleaned changing rooms in your clothes shop, spotless aisles and shelves in your supermarket and sparkling clean toilets which are regularly disinfected and well stocked with toiletries, you can provide your customers with a pleasant shopping experience.

If you have a chain of stores, with shops in different neighbourhoods or towns, outsourcing the cleaning of all your points of sale to a single cleaning company is the best way to ensure your customers enjoy a consistently high-quality experience.

What’s more, you and your employees also deserve a pleasant working environment: we can also clean your shop’s back office, storage warehouse, storeroom, office, break room, staff changing room, toilets and even showers.

Regular cleaning tasks

In your shop, our professional staff members regularly clean:

  • your shop window: the first point of contact between your customers and your shop or showroom (and therefore your most effective advertisement) is carefully dusted and washed.
  • your floors: customers constantly bring in dust and dirt underfoot when entering your premises, particularly in winter or when it’s raining. Depending on the type of flooring, your floors are vacuumed and/or mopped every day. Thorough cleaning is all the more important in high-traffic areas such as supermarkets and showrooms.
  • fixtures and fittings: shelves, racks, display units and counters must be spotlessly clean. They will therefore be dusted, cleaned, wiped and polished with the utmost care.
  • your sales and/or IT equipment: your cash registers, screens, computers and so on are properly cleaned, using the right materials and products.
  • your toilet facilities: our professionals ensure your toilets are perfectly clean.

Of course, your bins are also emptied and cleaned. Frequent contact areas such as door handles, counters and other card payment devices are thoroughly cleaned and regularly disinfected.

Find out more about our one-off cleaning services

Are you refitting or renovating your shop(s), supermarket or showroom? Would you like to have your commercial premises thoroughly cleaned and/or disinfected? We also provide one-off and customised cleaning services to meet your specific requirements. Please view our dedicated page to find out more about the varied services we provide.

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