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Our handyman services

In addition to our professional and industrial cleaning services, our handymen can carry out a wide range of work, making it easier for you to ensure the upkeep of your building or premises.

Wide-ranging expertise.

Qualified staff.

Bespoke services.

Our Customer Happiness Managers

Get to know the people who supervise our teams on the ground, organise the cleaning work and monitor the quality of our service.

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Anything is possible

Plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, painting and more: our tradesmen and women specialise in a wide range of areas, from small maintenance jobs to larger-scale projects, depending on your needs.

Skilled handymen, tailored services

We always send the right person with the right skills to carry out the required work on your premises with the utmost precision. And of course, this reflects the personalised and detailed quote we provide before carrying out any work.

Respect for people and the planet

Mindful of the health of your customers, your visitors and your employees, we use environmentally friendly techniques, equipment and products which also protect our planet.

Handyman repairing a window in an office.

Comprehensive maintenance services

What do we mean when we say “handyman”? The clue is in the name: “handy” is an adjective meaning both skilful and practical. There’s nothing better than having a “handy” person who can relieve you of the many maintenance tasks involved in the day-to-day upkeep of your building!

That’s what has inspired our company to provide a range of services which are carried out by staff with all the necessary skills.

Our areas of expertise

Whether it houses offices, a nursing home, one or more shops, classrooms or a laboratory, managing a building regularly involves technicians carrying out minor maintenance work in various areas:

Minor electrical jobs

  • Replacing used bulbs and neon lights

Minor plumbing jobs

  • Repairing leaks, pipes and taps
  • Installing taps, washbasins, sinks, etc.
  • Unblocking sinks, toilets and drains

Minor painting jobs

  • Filling holes, touching up paintwork on all surfaces
  • Painting walls and ceilings
  • Sanding, preparing and painting woodwork (doors, window frames, etc.)

Locksmithing/door frame maintenance

  • Fitting and replacing simple locks, door handles and window handles
  • Cutting spare keys
  • Maintaining hinges

Woodworking > Minor joinery

  • Installing skirting boards
  • Repairing and planing doors and windows
  • Replacing windows and glazing
  • Assembling furniture
  • Moving furniture (with or without disassembly and reassembly)

Walls, floors and ceilings

  • Laying tiles, parquet, carpet and other flooring
  • Installing ceilings
  • Wallpapering, tiling or fitting other wall coverings
  • Installing blinds, curtains and window hangings

Renter services

  • Replacing batteries (e.g. remote control batteries)
  • Hanging pictures, frames and other wall decorations

Parks, gardens and surrounding areas

  • A range of outdoor maintenance options are available throughout the year (mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, clearing leaves, removing rubbish, sweeping and more).
  • Depending on the season
  • Professionals specialising in the gardening industry

Qualified staff, bespoke services

Although these tasks aren’t major, they must be carried out with skill and precision. To ensure the right person with the right skill-set is sent to your premises, we will carefully consider your request and, of course, provide you with a detailed quote before any service is provided.

We operate across Belgium and Luxembourg. Wherever your building is, send us your request by filling in our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a tailored quote.

Other one-off services

In addition to high-quality maintenance services, we can also provide other services in addition to the regular cleaning of your properties, ranging from a major clean-up after a move or renovations to thorough disinfection and the maintenance of your green spaces.

You’ll find more details about this on our page about these one-off services.

A trusted partner

Have you already signed a contract with us for the regular cleaning of your premises? Then you know you can count on us for these out-of-the-ordinary services. You haven’t worked with us yet? Then it’s time to get to know each other better and find out how we implement our commitments on the ground.

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We aim to provide a tailored response to your needs and requirements.

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