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Cleaning your vehicles in your car park

When you have a fleet of company cars, they need to be cleaned regularly. Clean Power Cars provides a high-quality and extremely flexible solution: we come to your company car park to clean your vehicle fleet.

Professional cleaning service.

High-end and comprehensive cleaning.

Multiple additional options.

Our Customer Happiness Managers

Get to know the people who supervise our teams on the ground, organise the cleaning work and monitor the quality of our service.

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Our mobile services for your corporate mobility

Your employees must travel in spotlessly clean cars because your company’s image is on the line. To avoid wasting valuable time at the car wash, our mobile car wash service will come to your car park at a time to suit you.

Outstanding quality

Our vehicle has all the equipment, tools and products to enable our staff to clean your cars thoroughly and comprehensively by hand, with real attention to detail. We also provide optional services for both the interior and the exterior of your vehicles.

Respect for people and the planet

Mindful of the health of your employees, we use environmentally friendly techniques, equipment and products which also protect our planet.

Hand cleaning the interior of a car.

The importance of cleaning your vehicles

Managing a fleet of company cars and other vehicles involves many tasks. Placing orders, managing contracts, planning servicing and ensuring that vehicles are returned and replaced at the right time are all activities which take up a lot of your time.

Regular cleaning of all the cars in your fleet is also a task which deserves your attention, because your company’s image is at stake: company cars are literally moving advertisements for your company’s image in every region, town and street they drive through. Only spotlessly clean cars can reflect the quality of your products, services and other offerings.

In your company car park

But how can you focus on spotless cleaning when you’ve already got so much to do? Use our solution which has been specifically developed to meet the needs of fleet managers: Clean Power Cars and its vehicle cleaning service in your company car park. 

Why in your car park?

By definition, your company cars come and go, since they are intended to facilitate your employees’ work-related travel. Whatever their role, these employees have to focus on their job; they don’t have time to spend at the car wash. But once they’re parked in your company’s car park, that’s the perfect time to start cleaning them.

How and when is this cleaning done?

Our car washing service boasts a utility vehicle which is as mobile as your own fleet of company cars. It features all the equipment, tools and products needed to provide you with spotless cleaning services every month. Before, during or after office hours: choose the time which suits you best.

Exterior washing, interior cleaning and much more

When our experts clean your company’s fleet, they don’t do things by halves: your cars are given a thorough cleaning, including their ventilation system. To ensure comprehensive and detailed cleaning, our team cleans each vehicle by hand.

Additional options

We also provide optional services for both the interior and the exterior of your vehicles:

  • Exterior: we polish the bodywork and wash the tires to restore them to their former glory.
  • Interior: we deep clean the interior, even when dusty and/or covered in pet hair, clean leather, shampoo seats and upholstery and use an odour-eliminating deodorant for a pleasant, comfortable interior.

And for your employees’ safety, our team can also check tyre pressure and top up windscreen washer fluid.

Quality and responsibility

Our professional vehicle cleaning services are provided in car parks by qualified staff; they have been trained in quality cleaning techniques which are environmentally friendly and protect your cars:

  • We choose acid-free products which protect the bodywork of your vehicles and uphold our commitment to protecting the environment.
  • This commitment to the environment is also reflected in the two types of washing techniques we use: the traditional water-based technique and the steam-based technique, which uses no more than 3 litres of water per vehicle.

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Would you like to focus on your core business by outsourcing the cleaning of your fleet of company cars to us? Contact us by filling in our contact form. Together, we can discuss your individual needs and provide you with a detailed quote for services which are tailored specifically to your requirements.

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