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Cleaning your factory

By cleaning your factory, we help to ensure the safety of your staff, the quality of your production and the long-term future of your business.

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Maintaining safety and quality

We provide effective and thorough cleaning of your premises to safeguard the safety, health and well-being of your employees and prevent any issues which could affect the quality and continuity of your production.

Suitable cleaning techniques and solutions

We are experts in industrial cleaning techniques, which are very different from those used in domestic settings. What’s more, our cleaning protocol reflects your line of business, your facilities and your specific requirements.

Respect for people and the planet

We always comply with the standards in force and we use environmentally friendly techniques, equipment and products.

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How does industrial cleaning contribute to safety in the workplace?

The industrial cleaning and disinfection of any company or factory’s professional or technical premises is vitally important for both the safety of people in the workplace and to ensure operational continuity and product quality.

Safety of people and equipment

Everyone agrees that a floor which is greasy, covered in dust or any other harmful substance can be very dangerous for the people walking on it. Only surfaces which have been thoroughly cleaned can ensure safety in the workplace.

The same applies to the safety of your operations: a clean environment will prevent accidents, non-compliance and other issues which could affect the quality of your products and the continuity of your production and storage processes.

Protecting health and well-being

By using suitable cleaning techniques and products, industrial cleaning guarantees the cleanliness you need to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and other germs which inevitably find their way into places in which large numbers of people (along with vehicles, equipment, materials and products) come and go every day. In this way, you can protect the health of your staff and your customers. Moreover, it has been shown that working in clean spaces is a major factor in well-being in the workplace*.

*Source: Ipsos – Cleanliness in the daily lives of French employees: focus on relations with cleaners

What is the cleaning protocol?

Cleaning industrial premises is not the same as cleaning private homes. We will take into account your sector, the layout of your premises, the necessary safety measures, the type of surfaces to be cleaned, the products and machines to be used, the requested level of hygiene, the frequency of cleaning (whether daily or less regularly) and the times when cleaning can be carried out to establish a cleaning protocol which is tailored to your company, your facilities and your production processes.

Are there any specific certifications for industrial cleaning companies?

An industrial cleaning company like Clean Power must produce specifications and decide on the most suitable cleaning approach in response to both your requirements and the hygiene standards in force in your particular sector. Your factory, business, professional or technical premises are always cleaned by experienced staff, using equipment and materials which are suitable for this type of cleaning.

Cleaning companies can acquire a wide variety of certification. The leading certification, which Clean Power holds, is ISO 14001 certification, issued by the International Organisation for Standardisation. This involves using environmentally friendly products.

Visit our pages on ISO standards to find out more about the standards with which Clean Power complies, including guidelines on corporate social responsibility (ISO 26000).

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