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Cleaning co-working spaces

Outsourcing the cleaning of your shared offices to our team of professionals ensures greater flexibility, higher quality and lower costs for you.

You choose when and how often we clean.

Committed and experienced professionals.

Tailored cleaning for your premises.

Our Customer Happiness Managers

Get to know the people who supervise our teams on the ground, organise the cleaning work and monitor the quality of our service.

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Flexible organisation

Co-working spaces are occupied for variable periods. Work with Clean Power to enjoy the same flexibility you offer your customers: our professional team will accommodate your requirements, so you can choose how often and when your premises are cleaned.

Focus on your business

By working with Clean Power, you can focus all your efforts on your business: save yourself the hassle of recruiting and managing an in-house cleaner, along with additional costs for labour and the purchase of cleaning products and equipment.

One-off services

Do you need to renovate your premises before letting them out again? Do you need maintenance services for the pathway leading to your co-working space or its garden? We also offer one-off maintenance services for your building and outdoor spaces.

Respect for people and the planet

We always comply with the standards in force and we use environmentally friendly techniques, equipment and products.

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Inviting workspaces, every time

When it comes to a company’s image, the cleanliness of its offices is particularly important. However, shared workspaces are used in an intensified yet more fragmented way: some spaces are permanently occupied while others are used on a part-time basis. Other spaces may remain empty for some time. In any event, they must always be spotlessly clean and ready to welcome anyone who needs an office for a few hours, a few days or a few months.

More flexibility, lower costs

As the owner or manager of a co-working space, outsourcing the cleaning of your premises is the ideal solution, both for organisational and financial reasons.

Choose when and how often we clean

Co-working spaces aren’t like other offices. As we’ve already said, sometimes they’re occupied, while at other times, they’re left empty. Consequently, while the common areas and toilets must be cleaned regularly (usually every day), this isn’t necessarily the case for every area of a co-working space. You need to be able to rely on a professional and flexible team which will respond to your requirements in terms of when and how often your co-working space is cleaned. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with Clean Power and our Customer Happiness Managers. Simply contact them directly and they will then organise and supervise all cleaning work.

Lower costs

By working with us, you can save yourself the hassle of recruiting and managing an in-house cleaner, along with additional costs for labour (including wages, employer contributions, holiday pay, workplace accident insurance and so on) and the purchase of cleaning products and equipment, some of which can be particularly costly.

You can pass the cost of our cleaning services on to your co-workers, just as you do with the rent and other charges.

Cleaning your shared office space: the process in detail

We’ve made a name for ourselves over the last 30 years by providing outstanding service. More specifically, our professional cleaners carry out the following tasks:

  • Thorough dusting: we focus on even the smallest detail, from office furniture and work surfaces to chairs and armchairs.
  • Cleaning workplace equipment: we ensure the thorough disinfection of the equipment you provide, thereby creating a healthy workspace.
  • Cleaning the floors: we sweep or vacuum floors, then mop non-textile floor coverings, ensuring spotless results.
  • Disinfecting contact surfaces: door handles, lift buttons, handrails and other contact surfaces are meticulously cleaned and disinfected for greater peace of mind.
  • Preparing meeting rooms: we arrange the chairs, empty the bins and, if necessary, restock the coffee and/or drinks machines so that your co-workers can work more efficiently.
  • Spotless sanitary facilities: our services include cleaning and disinfecting sanitary facilities, including washbasins, taps, mirrors, toilets and showers, if applicable. We also ensure that toilet paper, hand towels and soap are regularly replenished.

One-off services

In addition to a cleaning contract which is specifically tailored to your needs, with detailed specifications, we can also provide one-off cleaning and maintenance services for your building. This could include refurbishing one or more offices before they are rented out again (painting the walls and ceilings, thoroughly cleaning the floors, etc.) and maintaining your outdoor areas (walkways, terraces, gardens, etc.).

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