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Respect for people and the planet

Every company must take action to demonstrate its social responsibility. What’s more, as a business in the cleaning sector, we believe that we can and must play a vital role when it comes to protecting the environment.


ISO 14001 certification

In view of our ISO 14001:2015 certification, we reduce the impact of our activities on the environment by adopting a sustainable and responsible procurement policy, implementing best practices, optimizing our waste management and carefully managing our business-related travel.

Clean Power uses sustainable and environmentally responsible products.

ISO 26000 standard

Following the guidelines of the ISO 26000 standard, our strategy and objectives reflect our corporate values, we have a policy of strict respect for human rights, we provide our staff with the best possible working conditions, we implement best business practices and we ensure our customers’ protection.

Clean Power applies a policy of strict respect for human rights.

Social policy

Clean Power is a professional cleaning company operating in Belgium since 1995, also present in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Paris. Aware of its crucial role in the environmental and societal domain, Clean Power has committed to ISO 14001 certification for clients who request it as well as for its administrative service.

Our vision

Clean Power thus guarantees to its clients:

  • Continuous improvement of its environmental performance,
  • Environmental protection, combating climate change, and pollution prevention.
  • Compliance with its obligations

Our commitments

In this same vision of social responsibility, Clean Power integrates the guidelines of ISO 26000 into its daily social management.

To achieve its objectives, Clean Power develops the following policy:


Improving the management and use of our cleaning products; reducing the impact related to the mobility generated by our activities; respecting the sorting methods in place at our clients' premises; developing our use of eco-friendly cleaning products for clients; applying a policy of sustainable and responsible procurement.

Health and safety protection

Implementation of good practices and instructions regarding the use of products, cleaning techniques, and the selection of ergonomic equipment.

Susatainable consumption

Prioritizing eco-friendly and/or organic products both in customer services and internally.

Service quality

Providing quality service and remaining attentive to the needs and expectations of clients, staff, and all stakeholders.

Working conditions

Implementing decent working conditions, including employment stability, equal treatment, non-discrimination, and human capital development.

This approach is voluntary and unifying.
Implemented with the help of all staff members.
Clean Power thus delivers superior quality services by investing in human resources and technology.
Clean Power ensures its clients against health, social, and environmental challenges by offering performance, reliability, and sustainability at the fairest price.

January 2019,
Olivier PRIEM

Protecting everyone’s health and safety.

Environmentally friendly approach.

Quality-driven company.

Our bespoke services

Professional and industrial premises, windows, automotive services and one-off services: Clean Power does it all. All our team members share the same values and a unique corporate culture: we are fully committed to our customers, day in and day out. Our aim? 100% customer satisfaction, 100% of the time!


ISO 26000

Our commitment to social responsibility.

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ISO 14001

Certified environmental performance.

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