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Cleaning your school or crèche

No matter what size and the kind of school or crèche you run, we’ll make sure it’s spotlessly clean and hygienic, tailored to your specific needs. This enhances the well-being and the sense of trust of the people who spend time on the premises and the parents of your students or children.

All kinds of educational institutions and childcare facilities.

Clear and detailed specifications.

Outstanding hygienic cleaning which is closely monitored.

Our Customer Happiness Managers

Get to know the people who supervise our teams on the ground, organise the cleaning work and monitor the quality of our service.

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Personalised service

Whether your institution provides nursery childcare, primary, secondary or higher education, university courses, vocational studies, work/study courses or other educational services, we always provide a tailor-made cleaning solution with detailed and precise specifications.

Constant supervision

Your dedicated Customer Happiness Manager organises and closely monitors the work of our professional team to ensure strict compliance with current health, environmental and safety standards and regulations. 

Respect for people and the planet

Mindful of the health of your teams, your students and your children, we use environmentally friendly techniques, equipment and products which also protect our planet.

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What kind of premises do we clean?

Clean Power has extensive experience of cleaning crèches, nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools, vocational schools and universities. The company also cleans other educational institutions, including those offering adult education, evening classes, work/study courses, continuing education and more.

What are the specific requirements for cleaning a school or a crèche?

Premises with significant footfall (and therefore a large number of people) require daily cleaning, which should be adapted to these facilities’ changing timetables. There are various reasons for this:

Focusing on areas which enhance the well-being of children or students

Cleaning budgets are often tight; this makes it important to be familiar with children’s habits, particularly younger children, so as to be able to focus on the most critical areas: toilets, break rooms, play areas, dining areas and classrooms.

Proper cleaning prevents microbes from developing and spreading, thereby ensuring that the children, students and staff who work there (childcare workers, teachers, administrative, educational and supervisory staff, etc.) can study and work in a healthy environment.

Continuously adapting cleaning services

Cleaning schedules are constantly adapted to the school calendar, the weather and events for students or children.

For parents, children’s and students’ families and students themselves, it is immensely reassuring to see that cleanliness is prioritised. As a manager, you will enhance the positive image you want to project of your crèche or school.

What does professional cleaning involve?

To ensure that your crèche or school benefits from thorough cleaning, the professionals at Clean Power clean every nook and cranny of your premises.

The premises

In a crèche, we ensure the cleanliness of all the areas in which children spend time (playrooms, dormitories, toilets, etc.) and all the areas for the staff who look after them.

In schools, Clean Power cleans classrooms, study rooms, staff rooms, training rooms, meeting rooms and offices. Do your premises have a canteen? Do they include a library, a gym, workshops, laboratories or kitchens? Of course, we’ll also make sure they’re clean, tailoring our cleaning processes to their specific requirements.

We will also include the common areas, including corridors, toilets and staircases, and window cleaning which ensures that your premises benefit from as much natural daylight as possible, thereby saving you money on lighting.

Furniture and equipment

Tables, chairs, benches, blackboards, cupboards, computers, screens, keyboards: we also clean all your school’s furniture and equipment. Similarly, all the equipment in your crèche will be thoroughly cleaned.

How to clean a crèche or a school?

We clean your crèche or school using high-performance products which are tried and tested. We prefer to use products which have a minimal impact on the environment, contain few or no harmful substances and won’t affect the skin (including our employees’ skin). Our members of staff are trained to ensure that our company plays an active role in ensuring that we leave behind a healthy planet for future generations.

Please note

All our bottles and containers are made from recyclable materials.

Our suppliers comply with European regulations on ecology and sustainability and have relevant certification (ECOLABEL, ISO, etc.).

How to choose a good cleaning company?

A good cleaning company provides a quality service which is tailored to your needs.  If you choose to work with Clean Power, you can count on a team of expert professionals who provide:

Cleaning services tailored to your specific needs

When it comes to cleaning crèches and schools, the timing, frequency and type of premises can vary. That’s why we always assess your needs before proposing a tailor-made cleaning solution for your crèche or school which reflects your specific needs and is set out in clear, detailed specifications.

Outstanding hygienic cleaning which is closely monitored

We comply with current health, environmental and safety standards and regulations. Because our staff benefit from regular supervision and training, you can always be sure of the quality of our service.

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