Industrial technicians listening to hygiene and cleaning instructions in front of a factory.

Cleaning for industrial premises

Only experienced professionals can clean industrial premises properly. The safety of the people who work there and the long-term future of your business are at stake.

Factories Laboratories - Clean rooms

A commitment to quality.

Monitoring performance.

Trained staff, specialist products and equipment.

Bespoke cleaning

Industrial premises are specialist environments and we are fully aware of the importance of complying with regulations and protocols which are specific to our customers’ companies and lines of business. Consequently, we will always tailor our cleaning services to your needs and requirements and detail them in our specifications.

Industrial cleaning professionals inspecting a factory.
Group of professionals listening to cleaning instructions in a factory.
Professional holding protective glasses for industrial cleaning.
Cleaning technicians in a factory putting on a protective mask.

Training, products and equipment

Our staff members are trained to clean your facilities and/or production tools in compliance with the safety rules which apply to your sector and your company; they use the right products and equipment to leave your premises perfectly clean.

Our Customer Happiness Managers

Get to know the people who supervise our teams on the ground, organise the cleaning work and monitor the quality of our service.

Anaïs Demanet
Customer Happiness Manager
Géraldine Bertrand
Customer Happiness Manager
Merve Karagöz
Customer Happiness Manager

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ISO 26000

Our commitment to social responsibility.

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ISO 14001

Certified environmental performance.

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Staff listen to safety instructions for cleaning a factory.

We aim to provide a tailored response to your needs and requirements.

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